Born 1955

Taught by; John Moores University, Liverpool, and Hot Press Press group, Salford.

Member: Hot Bed Press; Society of Scottish Artists

Associate of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (elected 2019)

On the surface my work is representational. The content is chiefly urban and/or figurative, and I aim to catch the texture of the everyday world - places, times, effects of light and weather. On the other hand, as a one-time abstract painter, I am still very concerned with the abstract geometries which remain visible within the world of appearances. There is also the attraction of the etched line with its variety and warmth, the dark glow of mezzotint, and the sparkle of wood engraving. I work mainly in Wood engraving and mezzotint, but also use etching, drypoint and aquatint (on their own or in combinations). 

The main influences on my etching have been the etchings of Rembrandt, and modern Dutch and Scandinavian printmakers. Three Dutch etchers - Aat Veldhoen, Charles Donker, and Willem den Ouden - were especially important formative influences.

I have shown internationally since 2005, in Canada, Bulgaria, Poland, France, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, USA, Egypt, Australia, and New Zealand. I have exhibited with the RA, RSA, RE, SWE, RBSA, NEAC, SWA, ING Discerning Eye, and SSA. I have featured on books covers, and in magazines in Canada and the USA. I have done portraits and designs for school classwork to commission.